Enzyme and DNA Therapy with 5 Elements Energy

DNA Therapy, Enzyme Therapy, and Hormone Therapy with 5 Elements Energy for Cancer, Heart Attack, Diabetes, and Stroke Prevention

By: Aleysius H. Gondosari

DNA therapy, enzyme therapy, and hormone therapy are among the latest method for cancer treatment, diabetes, heart health, and stroke prevention. Actually, the ancient wisdom about 5 Elements Energy and Yin & Yang Energy can help to realize these therapy.

5 Elements Energy: Soul, Heart, and Causal Mind, Astral Mind, and Physical Mind

5 Elements Energy is the natural energy in the human body, physical body and inner body. The five elements are named as Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth elements. Ether element is the most subtle, and the Earth element is the most dense.

These 5 Elements actually are soul, heart, causal mind, astral mind, and physical mind in our body.

Ether elements is the reflection of our soul energy or truth energy. Air element is the reflection of our heart or love energy. Fire element is the reflection of causal mind or noble mind. Water element is the reflection of astral mind or wise mind. Earth element is the reflection of physical mind or action mind.

5 Elements Energy has been known since 5000 BC in India, China, Tibet, Greece, and Japan. 5 Elements Energy is known with various names, such as Pancha Mahabutha and Prana in India, Chi and Yin & Yang in China, Godai and Ki in Japan, and 5 Elements in Ancient Greece.

5 Elements Energy and Organs:

The organs of our body can be divided into 5 elements. The explanation is as follows:

  • Ether Element: The brain and nerves, the most important organs, need 5 elements energy (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth)
  • Air Element: The lungs and heart, the second important organs, need 4 elements energy (Air, Fire, Water, Earth)
  • Fire Element: The liver, stomach, and blood vessels, the third important organs, need 3 elements energy (Fire, Water, Earth)
  • Water Element: blood, kidneys, pancreas, colon, prostate, uterus, muscle, the fourth important organs, require 2 elements energy (Water, Earth)
  • Earth Element: bone, skin, teeth, the fifth vital organs, requiring 1 element energy (Earth)

The brain and nerves consist of 5 types of energy, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. If one of these energy decreases, brain and nerves health will be disrupted.

Heart and Lung consists of 4 types of energy, namely Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. If one of these energy decreases, the health of these organs will be disturbed.

Liver, stomach, and blood vessels consist of 3 types of energy, namely Earth, Water, and Fire. If one of these energy decreases, the health of these organs will be disturbed.

Blood, intestines, pancreas, kidney, uterus, prostate consists of 2 types of energy, which is Earth and Water. If one of these energy decreases, the health of these organs will be disturbed.

Bone, skin, and teeth consist of 1 type of energy, namely Earth. If this energy decreases, the health of these organs will be disturbed.


Our Health Depends on existing enzymes in our body. From five elements energy analysis, each of our healthy organs can produces 5 enzymes. We needs these enzymes for metabolism.

But when we become older, our organs also become weaker and can not produce enough enzymes. One or two organs lack the enzymes and can not work properly. people who lack the enzyme would be easily attacked by diseases.

Enzyme Deficiency, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Kidney Disease, Cancer:

When there is pancreatic enzyme deficiency, there will be blood sugar plaque in blood vessels, and in the long run, people will be susceptible to diabetes or cancer.

If there is liver enzyme deficiency, cholesterol plaque will happen, and in the long run, people will be susceptible to hepatitis, heart attack, or cancer.

When there is kidney enzyme deficiency, uric acid plaque will happen, and in the long run, people will be easily affected by kidney disease or cancer.

The combination of various plaques can cause heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

Unbalanced Hormone:

Unbalanced Hormone can create enzyme deficiency and cancer. So, it is very important to check the hormone balancing in our blood. If there is unbalance hormone, we can make it balance again, with the right healthy food and healthy therapy.

Damaged DNA, Enzymes, Plaques, Cell Mutation, and Cancer:

Cancer can be caused by certain damaged DNA. These damaged DNA control certain organs to produce enzymes, and control blood cell to create antibody.

When these organs cannot produce enough enzymes, plaques will appear in blood vessels of certain organs. These plaques will make the organs become weak.

When the blood cell cannot product enough antibody, cancer virus will come.

The combination of damaged DNA, plaques, and cancer virus will make the mutation of cells occurs.

Enzyme and DNA Therapy with 5 Elements Energy:

5 Elements Energy Therapy can be used to analyze the damaged DNA and enzyme deficiency on certain organs in the body. And then, advise a suitable healthy food to repair DNA, create antibody, make the organ becomes healthy. When the organ becomes more healthy, it will be able to produce the enzyme again.

Natural Enzyme and DNA Therapy with 5 Elements Energy is helpful for:

  • Repair the damaged DNA
  • Restore the function of organs to be healthy again, and can produce the enzyme for nerves, heart, liver, kidney, and pancreas.
  • Clean blood vessels from plaque, preventing heart attacks and coronary heart disease, and stroke prevention.
  • Create antibody to clean the virus (cancer, diabetes, hepatitis)
  • Cure cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, and kidney disease.

5 Elements Energy Index:

To measure all of these condition, we will use 5 Elements Energy Index, consist of:

  • 5 Elements Index
  • Yin & Yang Index
  • Damaged DNA Index
  • Healthy DNA Index
  • Enzyme Index
  • Plaque Index
  • Cancer Virus Index
  • Antibody Index

With these 5 Elements Energy Index measurement, we can monitor the health progress every week. If the person becomes more healthy, the Damaged DNA Index, Plaque Index, and Cancer Virus Index will decrease. The 5 Elements Index, Yin & Yang Index, Healthy DNA Index, Enzyme Index, and Antibody Index will increase.

From these Index, we will know if the person becomes more healthy and recovering from his or her illness.

What Information Do We Need from You?

You just fill your name, birth date, symptoms, e-mail address, and additional informations on the form, and send to my e-mail address. It is also an additional important information if you can send your photo to my e-mail address. Your recent 5 elements energy can be checked from your name, birth date, and photo.

The Important of High Suitability for Diet and Therapy:

After received your complete information, I will prepare your complete 5 Elements Energy Index, with suitable and high compatibility healthy diet and healthy therapy according to your 5 elements energy. Every person has unique 5 elements energy, and needs high suitability diet and therapy.

I hope this DNA Therapy and Enzyme Therapy will help you to become more healthy.

Thank you for your intention for DNA and Enzyme Therapy with 5 Elements Energy.

Aleysius H. Gondosari is a researcher and practitioner of 5 Elements Energy Therapy for health. If yoy have any question, please send e-mail to aleysiush@gmail.com.

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