Cancer Index Order

Order Form - Cancer Index (DNA Therapy for Cancer)

A. What Information and Advice Will You Receive?

From this order, you will receive 6 Cancer Energy Index Measurement, i.e.:
1. Cancer Risk Factor Index
2. Potential Cancer Cure Index
3. Cancer Virus Index
4. Cancer Antibody Index
5. Damaged DNA Index
6. Healthy DNA Index

B. First Bonus:

You also receive the first bonus, additional 6 Important 5 Elements Energy Index, i.e.:
7. Point of Life Index
8. Point of Dead Index
9. Hormone Balancing Index
10. Enzyme Balancing Index
11. Plaque Index
12. 5 Elements Healthy Index

C. Second Bonus:

And receive the second bonus, i.e.:
- 5 Healthy Food Recomendation with high Suitability Index for you, to make you healthy and free from cancer.

D. Order Selection and Fill Information:

You can select which order is suitable for you, i.e.:
- 1 x Cancer Index Checking is USD 27.00.
- 2 x Cancer Index Checking is USD 47.00 (will be sent 2 times, once a week)
- 3 x Cancer Index Checking is USD 67.00 (will be sent 3 times, once a week)

You can repeat your order if you want to monitor your health progress.

Please Select your Order:

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Your Blood Type (if available)

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E. Receive E-mail:

After you send this Order, you will receive an e-mail with your order from my e-mail (

If you don't receive e-mail, please fill this Index Cancer Order again. Be careful when you fill your e-mail address.

F. Please Select your Payment with PayPal:

Cancer Index Order Selection

G. Receive Cancer Index:

After the payment, you will receive your Cancer Index in 2 x 24 hours by e-mail.

If you don’t receive your Cancer Index, please contact me by:
- sending e-mail to or
- sending message to my twitter account at

I hope this information and healthy advice will be helpful for your health.

Best Regards,

Aleysius H. Gondosari
Researcher and Practitioner of 5 Elements Energy Therapy

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