5 Elements Cancer Index Analysis of President Hugo Chavez

Case Study: 5 Elements Cancer Index Analysis of President Hugo Chavez

By: Aleysius H. Gondosari

President Hugo Chavez, the leader from Venezuela, has announced on TV from Cuba that he has undergone an operation to remove a cancerous tumor from his “pelvic region”. He looked pale and tired. Chavez admitted that he had been experiencing discomfort in his pelvic area for several weeks, but had tried to ignore the symptoms. After being persuaded by ex-Cuban president Fidel Castro, he underwent a series of medical tests.

However, some of the tests revealed another growth which had not been detected before, the presence of a tumor abscess containing cancerous cells.

5 Elements Energy (5EE) Analysis:

Using 5 Elements Energy (5EE) Analysis and Cancer Index, the cancer condition of a person can be known. Cancer Index is an energy measurement tool to determine various parameters of health-related cancer.

5 Elements Cancer Index:

For more information about Cancer Index, visitors can visit this site http://www.index-cancer.com.

President Hugo Chavez Cancer Index:

From 5EE analysis, it can be arranged Cancer Index with the following results:

Cancer Risk Index:

Cancer Risk Index = 0.5%.
This means that the level of risk is not light, but has increased to moderate.

DNA Damage Index:

DNA Damage Index = 0.5. This means that there is DNA damage caused by a cancer virus.

Age of Cancer Virus Index:

Age of Index Cancer Virus Index = 3 years.
It means the cancer virus already present in the body or organ of President Chavez since 3 years ago.

Cancer Virus Type Index:

Cancer Virus Type Index: C2 (Water), C3 (Fire), C4 (Air). This means there are 3 types of cancer viruses those attack the organs, i.e. C2 virus attacks Water element organs, C3 virus attacks Fire element organs, and C4 virus attacks Air element organs. These type of cancer viruses are usually cannot be cured with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. But can be cured with healthy food and healthy therapy.

Cloning Cancer Index (Spread):

Cloning Cancer Index (Spread) = 3.
This means that the cancer virus had already spread in three organs, namely the lower abdominal organs (Water element), upper abdominal (Fire element), and the chest organs (Air element).

Organ Damage Index:

Organ Damage Index = 5%.
This means that existing organ damage by a cancer virus as much as 5%.

Wild Blood Vessels Index:

Wild Blood Vessel Index (on the tumor) = 5.
This means there are 5 wild blood vessels formed by a cancer virus.
These wild blood vessels can be enlarged or increased, thus forming tumor.
These wild blood vessels are difficult to be healed.
After tumor operation, these wild blood vessels can be branched and multiply, or live longer, if the operation is not done carefully and cautiously.

Antibody Index:

Antibody index = 0%.
This means the body has not been able to form antibody to fight the cancer virus.

DNA Resilience Index:

DNA Resilience Index = 0%.
This means that the DNA does not have ability to withstand the attack from cancer virus.

5 Elements Cancer Therapy:

Cancer therapy can still be done 100% naturally, using the 5 Elements Healthy Food and Healthy Therapy.
To do this, it needs further analysis, what causes the cancer, healthy foods that fit, and suitable healthy therapy.

Hopefully President Hugo Chavez could be recovered and become more healthy.

Aleysius H. Gondosari is 5 Elements Energy researcher and practitioner for cancer and HIV/AIDS Therapy.
For Cancer Index information, please visit http://www.index-cancer.com.
For online consultation, please visit http://www.5elementsenergy.com/cancer-index-order.

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